Sawyer Bucket Conversion Kit ?>

Sawyer Bucket Conversion Kit

This is a conversion kit for the Sawyer Mini Water Filter to adapt it for bucket to bucket use.

The Sawyer is a fantastic water filter and is often used for backpacking and hiking. While it is a great filter getting larger volumes of water through it for multiple people has been a problem –

until now!



Turn this………



Into this!


Crystal Clear, Clean Water!!!!

This simple kit comes with all necessary components and instructions to attach your Sawyer Mini Water Filter to most any common 5-gallon bucket. Once attached suspect water is poured into the host bucket and clean, safe water comes out the attached Sawyer into any container of your choice.

*****Sawyer Filter not included.

Wanting to filter water for an entire family and own a Sawyer Mini Water Filter? No problem! With the Sawyer Bucket Conversion Kit gallons of dirty water can be filtered clean each hour  –

Christmas Special – – ONLY $9.78 – – Christmas Special

[Regular Price – – $12.99]




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